#4Syria action is an online platform linking international musicians around the globe who support messages of peace and reconciliation in Syria and Syrian performers, who have been dispersed all over the world in a new way through the use of technology.

To contribute to the cause we ask you to record a video of yourself performing a short music piece of your own choosing, with the words “for Syria” before the video. The idea is to involve as many artists as possible to reconnect through this project.

What do we do with the videos?

• The collected #4Syria videos are highlighted during the Global Week for Syria.
•Each of the videos is later on synchronized and combined into several single audio-visual artworks to create several virtual music pieces.
•We plan to cover all countries in the world and to use Google map design and 3D design to show participants and thus the impact of global participation.
•The received videos are posted online on our YouTube Channel and defused on the Syrian Music Lives social platforms and the Portal.

I am willing and ready to participate!

The recording is very easy to do. All you need is a camera; a smartphone or any other video-recording device. Please, use any informal setting outside or inside your home, there is no need to make an elaborate studio recording. Try to make the video and audio as good as possible in terms of quality.

In regards to time: 2 – max. 5 minutes is enough. And don’t forget, “For Syria!”
Put lots of love and good energy into it and send it to us as soon as possible.
Send your videos to us here or via globalweek4syria@gmail.com