“Just imagine all of us united through sincerity of our intention, heartfelt compassion and loving presence come together to realize our collective dreams…we can make a change and co-creation is where it starts…”

Global Week for Syria is a multi-disciplinary call for peace, support and co- creation. As one of our partners – organizer of a concert in Vienna in 2016 Orwa Saleh said: “Joining the Global Week for Syria is being a part of the international voice that asks to stop the Syrian crises and the Syrian voice that says we are not only numbers and news but hopes, dreams and culture…

What is Global Week for Syria?

Global Week for Syria is a worldwide humanistic initiative that aims to unite individuals, bands, orchestras, cultural institutions, spaces, and schools from around the globe to raise awareness, create platforms and stimulate co- creations between Syrians and local communities.

The program of the global initiative includes musical performances, conferences, fundraising cultural events, and workshops. These events are open to everyone. Singing, music, food and drink are encouraged and we hope the events can be positive and generous at a time when Syrians need our help more than ever.

The international program of the Global Week for Syria includes:

  • Music Festival in Beirut – Lebanon, Beirut; 
  • Live Concerts, Fundraising Events and Conferences in cities across the globe;
  • Talks and Panel Discussions with scholars and cultural activists;
  • Musical and Cultural Workshops.

Who are the organizers?

Music and Beyond is based in the Netherlands since 2012. The company is charged with planning, coordinating, promoting and producing this annual celebration. Music and Beyond runs the main festival stage in Lebanon. All other concerts around the world are managed and covered by our partners, if necessary Music and Beyond is always there to assist with an advice and finding Syrian artists to collaborate with locally.


How can you join/help?

Organize your own event

You can join through organizing a thematic cultural/educational event in your own city/venue as a part of a wider initiative.
Register through sending us an email to globalweek4syria@gmail.com Specify whether you are a band, a school, a choir, or an institution. The first thing to do is pick a date between 1 July and 15 July and let us know so we can add you to our events programme. We will get in touch with you right away to discuss details and assist with further information, ideas and suggestions to help you make your event even better.

Attend an event near you

You can support Global Week for Syria even if you can’t hold your own event. Why not look at the map and attend one of the events being run by people in your area. There are new events being added all the time.
An overview of the upcoming events will be available soon here.

Join the call with an event you are already holding

We recognize that time is short, and you may want to join the Global Week for Syria with an event that is already planned. Please, do get in touch with us so that we can look into the ways to cooperate and include it into our communication campaign.