Music and Beyond

Music and Beyond is a Netherlands-based company charged with planning, coordinating, promoting and producing this annual celebration. For 2017 edition Music and Beyond will run the festival in the Netherlands and, the festival in Beirut. All other concerts around the world will be managed and covered by our partners, if necessary Music and Beyond is always there to assist with an advice and finding Syrian artists to collaborate with locally.

The Music and Beyond is an initiative of Hannibal Saad, Syrian musician, manager and artistic director of Jazz Lives in Syria Festival (2005- 2010), Oriental Landscapes festival (2009, 2011), Syrian Music Lives (2013 – to date) and Global Week for Syria (2014 – to date). His experience working with crossover music from the east and west reaches 18 years. The projects have been presented in major venues across Europe and the Middle East. In 2013 Music and Beyond started the Syrian Music Lives Project, a community, portal and social media network focused on preserving and reviving professional relationships among Syrian musicians and offering concrete ways to work for unification and reconciliation of Syrian people.