GWFS 2018


The fourth edition of Global week for Syria took place in 11 cities around the globe: Lebanon, Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium and Italy from June 15th – July 16th.  Traditionally, Global Week for Syria festival in Beirut became the central stage of the project with artists across the globe uniting for the idea of Peace and Co-Creation.

On July 4th the festival started in Beirut (Assembly Hall) with Fanfareduloup Orchestra (CH) featuring Ibrahim Kevo (SY/DE) and Syrian Soloists.

The festival continued for 12 days of concerts and workshops in Lebanon. There were 6 main concerts in between football matches. The Global Week for Syria Beirut festival presented Dutch, Swiss, French, German, Lebanese, and Syrian musicians. Among the festival highlights: Fanfareduloup Orchestra (CH) featuring Ibrahim Kevo, Nareg Abajian, Khaled Omran, Dani Shukri, Hani Al Sawah, Tarek Khuluki, Carolina Eyck (DE), Under the Surface (NL), Lynn Adib (SY/FR), Pr. Nidaa Abou Mrad, and Dr. Hayaf Yassine.

The international program of the Global Week for Syria included:

·       Music Festival in Beirut – Lebanon, Beirut; July 4th – July 16 2018

·       Live Concerts, Fundraising Events and Conferences in 11 cities across the globe

·       Musical Workshops in Lebanon

·       Oriental Landscapes in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Leiden, Utrecht)

“For me it is a week of sharing music with the world. Of celebrating the miracle of peace through music. Since the war in Syria shattered our lives I decided not to take things for granted. Having a week like that is a miracle in itself. It is important to savor the ecstasy of life. Those few beautiful moments of our lives. Music is a mix of immediate expressions of feeling about the present that summarizes many immeasurable things. Sharing these moments with many people around the world is even more beautiful. We want to share with the world beautiful things about Syria”

Hannibal Saad (initiator and the artistic leader of Global Week for Syria)

About the organizer:

The main organizer, initiator and coordinator of Global Week for Syria is Music and Beyond company based in the Netherlands. Music and Beyond is directly in charge of planning, promoting and production of the main stage in Beirut and the 6 cities in the Netherlands. Our partners manage all the other concerts around the globe, while M&B is coordinating all the events.

The 2018 project was made possible thanks to many partners: organizations and institutions like American University of Beirut, Swiss Embassy in Lebanon, the city and canton of Geneva, Dutch National Performing Arts Funds (FPK), FELM, Goethe Institute, and Mezyan.

Information on artists and upcoming events can be found via:
Twitter: syrianmusiclive