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UNESCO International Jazz Day to organise concerts series in the Netherlands and elsewhere in connection with the jazz festival we did In Syria before 2011. This resulted in Jazz for Syria, an international event raising awareness and support for Syrian refugees. The event consisted of three simultaneous concerts in Beirut (Lebanon), Amman (Jordan) and The Hague (The Netherlands) connected via Internet broadcast and virtual interaction. The event included 9 Dutch bands in Den Haag, 7 in Beirut, and one Dutch band and one other in Amman.




First Global Week for Syria Edition, which presented the total of 30 acts with 20 international, 11 Syrian and 4 Lebanese musicians in 4 venues across Beirut, 6 cities across Europe





#4Syria action that keeps going on till today: Musicians, artists and creative from over 20 countries around the world contributed their short video dedications.





took part in the Second Edition of Global Week for Syria in 21 cities around the world (Lebanon, Netherlands, UK, US, France, Austria, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Ukraine). Several special projects, workshops, fundraising events, concerts, talks made the edition even more valuable and diverse