Mission & Objectives

Global Week for Syria is an opprotunity:

    • to open new possibilities and promote cultural exchange and collaboration between eastern and western cultures;

    • to create and diffuse an alternative narrative about Syria and Syrians in Europe and beyond;

    • to provide an opportunity for professional Syrian musicians to perform;

    • to develop creative capacities, especially in volatile and vulnerable environments;

    • to remind all Syrian people of their shared heritage and identity;

    • to serve as a focus of faith and hope for a positive future.

“For me it is a week of sharing music with the world. Of celebrating the miracle of peace through music. Since the war in Syria shattered our lives I decided not to take things for granted. Having a week like that is a miracle in itself. It is important to savour the ecstasy of life. Those few beautiful moments of our lives. Music is a mix of immediate expressions of feeling about the present which summarises many immeasurable things. Sharing these moments with many people around the world is even more beautiful. We want to share with the world beautiful things about Syria.”

Hannibal Saad (initiator and the artistic leader of Global Week for Syria)