Music and Beyond

is a Netherlands-based company charged with planning, coordinating, promoting and producing this annual celebration. For 2017 edition Music and Beyond will run the festival in the Netherlands and, the festival in Beirut. All other concerts around the world will be managed and covered by our partners, if necessary Music and Beyond is always there to assist with an advice and finding Syrian artists to collaborate with locally.

Music and Beyond is an initiative of Hannibal Saad, Syrian musician, manager and artistic director of Jazz Lives in Syria Festival (2005- 2010), Oriental Landscapes festival (2009, 2011), Syrian Music Lives (2013 – to date) and Global Week for Syria (2014 – to date). His experience working with crossover music from the east and west reaches 18 years. The projects have been presented in major venues across Europe and the Middle East. In 2013 Music and Beyond started the Syrian Music Lives Project, a community, portal and social media network focused on preserving and reviving professional relationships among Syrian musicians and offering concrete ways to work for unification and reconciliation of Syrian people.


is a musical cultural initiative that was launched in Beirut in 2015. me’zaf’s main focus is the authentic music of the Levant and the world, trying to create research projects and musical activities that can reintegrate this music in our current scene, not as a museum product, but as a contemporary creation tool.

me’zaf believes in the necessity of having a platform for authentic music in the Levant and insuring the presence and reach of the Levantine authentic music in the world. On the other hand, me’zaf conceives and designs its activities to be accessible and to reach different categories.

me’zaf aims to: shed light on the authentic music in the Levant and the world
– create and facilitate research projects related to this musical genre
– organize musical activities and projects
– promote music appreciation in different regions
– establish a network of musicians and researchers and music enthusiasts in the Levant and the world

Morgenland Festival Osnabrück  

has dedicated itself since 2005 to the fascinating music culture of the Near and Middle East, from traditional music to classic and avant-garde, jazz and rock. With its focus on a region which immediately conjures up positive and negative cliché images, the Festival has set itself the goal of counteracting these images with authentic ones. The Festival gives the audience and its guests the opportunity to encounter one another, at times as something complex – other times, something related or inspirationally alien.

The extraordinarily extensive press coverage (BBC, CNN, ARTE, 3Sat, ARD, Spiegel, Stern, FAZ, New York Times, Washington Post, Tehran Times, Hindu Post, Syria Times) and annual visitor figures of nearly 100% serve to document the special significance of this Festival.

The Morgenland Festival Osnabrück has realized Choir and Orchestra projects in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Turkey. In 2013 it invited some 65 musicians from 9 countries to Kurdistan, Iraq for a Festival lasting several days with performances in Erbil and Sulaimaniya. Other highlights of the Festival were the first concert in Iran by a western symphony orchestra since 1979 or the first performance ever in Iran of Bach’s St. John Passion.

Numerous documentary films and CDs have been produced about the Festival itself as well as events linked to it.

Commissioned works by Franghiz Alizedeh, Nader Mashayekhi, Saed Haddad, Kinan Azmeh and Nouri Iskander have been premiered during the Festival. 2009 saw the foundation of the Festival’s own Morgenland Chamber Orchestra and the Morgenland All Star Band was formed in 2012.


– Re:Orient was founded in 1993 in Stockholm, Sweden. Throughout the year Re:Orient puts on concerts, performances, lectures and seminars where they plunge into contemporary issues and the relations between East and West, tradition and modernity. Once a month Re:Orient hosts Re:Orient Club at Kägelbanan, Södra Teatern.


Yalla! pour les enfantes – coordination of the workshops in Aley

Mishwar Foundation

coordination of the workshops in Menyara
Mishwar Amal started in May 2016 in response to the ongoing refugee crisis in Lebanon. There are 500,000 Palestinians living in 12 camps and an estimated 1.8 million Syrians in hundreds of informal settlements throughout the country. Our goal is to provide support for refugee communities, and the communities which host them, by developing creative projects which help engender real social and economic improvements for all. By fostering links between Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians, we seek to strengthen capacities, self-reliance and solidarity so that solutions to the many problems faced can be found within the communities themselves. In these times of crisis we are facing increasing and overlapping challenges and we believe a creative and cooperative approach is the way forward.
Mishwar is currently based and operating in the North of Lebanon, focussing on the region of Akkar where approximately half the population consists of Syrian refugees and we also work in the nearby Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr El Bared. This region of Lebanon is the poorest, has the highest refugee population per capita and is also under-served in terms of aid provision and government services, it is also a region in which our team has very strong community relationships among Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians

Civic Society Centre – conference co-production

Since its inception in 2008, the Center for Civic Engagement and Community Service (CCECS) has aimed to develop a culture of service and civic leadership within the AUB community and provide opportunities for university students, faculty, and staff from all backgrounds to study and respond to social and civic needs. CCECS’s operations are defined by the following cross-cutting tenets, (1) Outreach and Volunteerism, (2) Capacity Building, (3) Community Development Projects, (4) Supporting Service-Learning, (5) Advocacy Campaigns, (6) Civic Engagement Camps, and (7) Syria Relief Project. These components are rendered operational through the dynamic interaction among the University, socially responsible donors, and receptive local partners and carry an overarching aim to “engage in activities that enhance academic learning, civic responsibility and the skills of citizenship, while also enhancing community capacity through service” (Furco and Holland; 2004).

Project Team

Hannibal Saad – festival general manager
Areej About Harb, me`zaf – co-producer conference activities
Maryana Golovchenko – general coordinator, producer
Eliane Saadeh – producer concerts at American University Beirut
Oula Haidar – social media coordination, design
Ahmad Alashkar – social media (Arabic)
Charlotte Brand – designer, website
Jawad Chaban – festival sound engineer
Toufic el Zein, Innov`Action – press and media relations
Zeinoun Aridi, Innov`Action – press and media relations
Abed Elhalim Masry – logistics