15 June – 5 July 2017


“Just imagine all of us united through sincerity of our intention, heart-felt compassion and loving presence come together to realize our collective dreams…we can make a change and co-creation is where it starts…”

Global Week for Syria is a multi-disciplinary call for peace, support and co-creation. As one of our partners - organizer of a concert in Vienna in 2016 Orwa Saleh said: “Joining the Global Week for Syria is being a part of the international voice that asks to stop the Syrian crises and the Syrian voice that says we are not only numbers and news but hopes, dreams and culture…”


What is Global Week for Syria?
Global Week for Syria is a worldwide humanistic initiative that aims to unite individuals, bands, orchestras, cultural institutions, spaces, and schools from around the globe to raise awareness, create platforms and stimulate co-creations between Syrians and local communities.
The program of the global initiative includes musical performances, conferences, fundraising cultural events, and workshops. These events are open to everyone. Singing, music, food and drink are encouraged and we hope the events can be positive and generous at a time when Syrians need our help more than ever.


Who are the organizers?
Music and Beyond Foundation is a nonprofit organization charged with planning, coordinating, promoting and producing this annual celebration. For 2017 edition Music and Beyond will run the festival in the Netherlands and, the festival in Beirut. All other concerts around the world will be managed and covered by our partners, if necessary Music and Beyond is always there to assist with an advice and finding Syrian artists to collaborate with locally.

The Foundation is an initiative of Hannibal Saad, Syrian musician, manager and artistic director of Jazz Lives in Syria Festival (2005- 2010), Oriental Landscapes festival (2009, 2011), Syrian Music Lives (2013 – to date) and Global Week for Syria (2014 – to date). His experience working with crossover music from the east and west reaches 18 years. The projects have been presented in major venues across Europe and the Middle East. In 2013 Music and Beyond started the Syrian Music Lives Project, a community, portal and social media network focused on preserving and reviving professional relationships among Syrian musicians and offering concrete ways to work for unification and reconciliation of Syrian people.
The mission of Music and Beyond Foundation is to stimulate understanding, promote diversity and foster respect through open dialogue and the diffusion of knowledge for cultures in conflict.


A short history of the initiative
In 2015 we produced the First Global Week for Syria Edition, which presented the total of 30 acts with 20 international, 11 Syrian and 4 Lebanese musicians in 4 venues across Beirut, 6 cities across Europe.
In 2016 about 400 Syrian and international musicians took part in the Second Edition of Global Week for Syria in 21 cities around the world (Lebanon, Netherlands, UK, US, France, Austria, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Ukraine).

How you can join/help

Organize your own event
You can join through organizing a thematic cultural/educational event in your own city/venue as a part of a wider initiative.
Register through sending us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Specify whether you are a band, a school, a choir, or an institution. The first thing to do is pick a date between 15 June and 5 July and let us know so we can add you to our events programme. We will get in touch with you right away to discuss details and assist with further information, ideas and suggestions to help you make your event even better.

Attend an event near you
You can support Global Week for Syria even if you can't hold your own event. Why not look at the map and attend one of the events being run by people in your area. There are new events being added all the time.
An overview of the upcoming events will be available soon here

Join the call with an event you are already holding
We recognize that time is short, and you may want to join the Global Week for Syria with an event that is already planned. Please, do get in touch with us so that we can look into the ways to cooperate and include it into our communication campaign.


Why join the Global Week for Syria?

“As a contrast to what is currently happening in Syria I want to join in the movement of people connecting through music, creating a beautiful moment together and celebrating diversity.”
Florian Zenker, concert in Cologne

"I believe in the collective, and Global Week For Syria is all about the collective. I know that my clarinet cannot stop a bullet or rebuild a home, but making music is an act of freedom and hope, and I would like to practice both"
Kinan Azmeh, concert in New York

“Joining the Global Week for Syria is being a part of the international voice that asks to stop the Syrian crises and the Syrian voice that says we are not only numbers and news but hopes, dreams and culture..”
Orwa Saleh, concerts in Vienna and Linz, Austria

“It is important for me to join the Global week for Syria because it is beautiful and important to connect. I wish to welcome the Syrian refugees and I hope that they can have a better future here. You can only make music with your friends and I welcome my new Syrian friends in this musical collaboration!”
Oene van Geel, artistic leader for the concert at Splendor, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"For me it is very important that people from all over different countries and continents can gather, play and listen to music, share emotions with a common feeling of Syria as also a land of openness, peace and creativity."
Laurent Gros, concert in Paris, France

“We live in strange times. The majority of people live in multicultural urban surroundings. We’re daily confronted with the rich variety of tastes in food, music, fashion and people. But while the world is just one block away, we’re still tend to close our frontiers. We still seem to be afraid of the Other. As musician and director of a music venue I know music has the power to break through those frontiers. The wonderful Syrian Big Band Codarts Union project is a proof of that. It’s a precious gift in these strange times.“
Oscar van der Pluijm director Podium GROUNDS, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

“For me it is a week of sharing music with the world. Of celebrating the miracle of peace through music. Since the war in Syria shattered our lives I decided not to take things for granted. Having a week like that is a miracle in itself. It is important to savor the ecstasy of life. Those few beautiful moments of our lives. Music is a mix of immediate expressions of feeling about the present that summarizes many immeasurable things. Sharing these moments with many people around the world is even more beautiful. We want to share with the world beautiful things about Syria”
Hannibal Saad (initiator and the artistic leader of Global Week for Syria)

Detailed Presentation Global Week for Syria 2016 see HERE

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