#4Syria is an online platform linking Syrian performers, who have been dispersed all over the world, as well as other international musicians around the globe who support Global Week for Syria main ideas and messages of peace and reconciliation to the Beirut festival and the live performances in Amsterdam, Beirut, Madrid,  Paris, Prague, The Hague and Vienna.  

There will be possibly hundreds of performances self-recorded from musicians around the globe. The idea is to involve as many artists as possible to reconnect through this project and be aired along the actual concerts on the main stages.

To contribute to the cause we asked musicians to record a video of themselves performing a short music piece of their own choosing, with the words “for Syria” before the video. The received videos are posted online on our YouTube Channel and other Syrian Music Lives platforms and streamed repeatedly during the festival. A compilation of received videos will also be projected on big screens during live concert venues that will be taking place for the Global Week for Syria.

YouTube Channel Global Week for Syria, #4Syria here


is a project aiming at making Syrian music alive in the media through a professional website and an online social media network that can reach wide international audiences and professional music makers.


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