Global Week for Syria

Global Week For Syria

More than 40 Syrian musicians and 100 international artists come together on the Global Week For Syria:

  • Five-Day Music Festival in Beirut World/Rock/Jazz.
    18-22 April Metro Al Madina, Al Madina Theatre and Yukunkun Club and other places;

  • Six Live Concerts and Fundraising Events in The Netherlands, France, Austria, Czech Republic and Spain – April 18 to 30

  • 100 Online Performances and 30 interviews with respected Syrian intellectuals in the diaspora continuously streamed online on our portal

  • Talks and Panel Discussions with scholars and cultural activists about the role of culture in making peace and on pressing topics like the preservation of the cultural heritage in times of conflict – Beirut, April 18th to 22nd, the festival venues;

  • Closing Event - Jazz for Syria at The Hague takes place on UNESCO’s International Jazz Day, April 30th, 2015

    Global Week for Syria is a week of sharing great art forms and goodwill with the world. We want people to come together for the common enjoyment of music, discussions and other performances.

    Why #4Syria

    Four years after the violence erupted in Syria, millions of lives hang in the balance, lacking access to the most basic necessities needed for survival.

    Global Week For Syria is a movement for peace led by hundreds of musicians, artists, creatives, and intellectuals standing for peace and making a difference in the present and future of Syria.

    Through music, art, and culture, Global Week For Syria brings to life the possibility that Syria would once again take its place as a beacon of rich culture, deep history, and unwavering hope for human compassion and understanding. 


Swiss embassy in Lebanon

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Music and Beyond Foundation

Terre des Hommes Netherlands


The Afsari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship

Syrian League for Citizenship

Basmeh & Zeitooneh


Morgenland Festival

Amman Jazz Festival

Yukunkun Club

Najda Now International

Art Residency in Aley

Syrian Researchers


Metro Al Madina

Al Akhbar

AL Madina Theater

AL Safir



Zoomaal Crowdfunding platform

Golden Age Music

Irtijal Festival



Musicians without borders

Restart Syria



is a project aiming at making Syrian music alive in the media through a professional website and an online social media network that can reach wide international audiences and professional music makers.


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