Beirut Festival


Beirut Festival

Venues: Metro Al Madina, Yukunkun Club, The American University Beirut, t-marbouta, Mezyan

Dates: April 18-22

Program and schedules: see below

Contact the venues for ticket pre-sales or take a chance at the door.

Watch live twenty bands; representing different music styles (world/rock/jazz/religious) united with the idea of Peace for Syria on the Beirut Festival stages Metro Al Madina, Yukunkun Club and t-marbouta. Take part in lectures and talks by top intellectuals and peace-building activists in the world at The American University Beirut, Mezyan and Zico House.

The festival will feature artists like ECM Norwegian trumpeter and a pioneer of "future jazz" Nils Petter Molvaer; one of the most successful pop bands of the Netherlands 3JS; acclaimed Swiss jazz trio Marc Perrenoud Trio; one of the best representatives of Arab rock scene today Tanjaret Daght; surprising, interactive contemporary jazz/visual trio from the Netherlands Tin Men and the Telephone; "a steaming triple engine from Amsterdam North" viola-guitar-table trio The Nordanians; hip-hoppers from Lebanon Fareeq El Atrash; one of the greatest rappers from Syria Hani Sawah aka Sayyed Darwish; Swiss Lebanese rapper Karine Guignard aka La Gale, audio-visual performance "Big Data Poetry" by great artists Geert Mul and Michel Banabila from the Netherlands specially prepared for the Global Week for Syria project, and many-many more.

Global Week for Syria Project links Syrian, Arab, and other international artists and connects a five day music festival and conferences in Beirut with one day concerts in Amsterdam, The Hague, Paris, Prague, Madrid and Vienna via an online platform. More than 40 Syrian musicians and 100 international artists will help to spread the Global Week for Syria’s message of peace.

Among other things the project opens new opportunities for cultural exchange and connections development between East and West as well as provides a stage for professional Syrian musicians to perform.



Day 1 - 18th of April

19:30 @ Metro AL Madina
- Linda Betar (SY)
- Geert Mul with Michel Banabila (special audio-visual project) (NL)
- Marc Perrenoud Trio (CH)

22:00 @ Yukunkun (Hip Hop Night)
- Darwish (SY)
- Eslam Jawaad (SY)
- La Gale (CH/LB)

Day 2 - 19th of April

21:00 @ Metro Al Madina
- Marc Perrenoud Trio (CH)

22:00 @ Yukunkun
- Michel Banabila (NL) feat. Anas Maghribi (SY)
- Geert Mul with Michel Banabila (special audio-visual project) (NL)

Day 3 - 20th of April

21:00 @ Yukunkun
- Nils Petter Molvaer (NO)
- The Nordanians and Michel Banabila (NL)
- Tin Men and the Telephone (NL)

22:00 @ Metro Al Madina
- Fareeq el Atrash (LB)
- La Gale (CH)

Day 4 - 21th of April

20:00 @ Metro Al Madina
- Khebez Dawle (SY)
- The Nordanians (NL)

21:30 @ Metro Al Madina
- 3JS (NL)
- Tanjaret Daght (SY)

Day 5 - 22th of April

20:00 @ Metro Al Madina
- Jazzmine Bey Quartet (CH/US/FR)
- Tin Men and the Telephone (NL)
- Faia Younan (SY)

20:30 @ t-marbouta
- Bashar Hassan (SY) feat. Ghassan Sahhab (LB)

23:30 @ Mezyan
- Raed El Khazen and friends (LB)

Ticket Prices:
1 band concerts: 15,000 L.L
2 bands concerts : 20,000 L.L
3 bands concerts:  25,000 L.L
Festival pass: 100,000 L.L 

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