Vienna Concert

Tuesday, April 21

Start: 19:30

Venue: MuTh – Music und Theater – Konzertsaal der Wiener Sangerknaben

Am Augartenspitz 1 (Früher: Obere Augartenstrasse 1 E), 1020 Bécs, Austria

+43 1 3478080

Tickets: € 22; Children and young people: € 15

On Vienna Stage:

The music of prize-winning bass clarinetist Ulrich Drechsler always has at its core the simple beauty of sound and emotion. His new trio comprises clarinet, piano, and the mystical oriental short-necked lute, the oud. This intimate line-up enables Drechsler to express everything which is both important and essential for him in music: intimacy, space, passion and love. Three true magicians of sound – Ulrich Drechsler, the Syrian oud virtuoso Orwa Saleh and legendary Austrian pianist Christoph Cech – meet as equals for an artistic conversation which knows no boundaries. 

The Global Week for Syria, a multi-disciplinary CALL FOR PEACE and reconciliation in Syria, will gather more than two hundred musicians, visual and performing artists, cultural activists, philosophers and other European, American and Middle Eastern intellectuals. It takes place from April 18-22 with a final Closing concert Jazz for Syria in The Hague on UNESCO’s International Jazz Day on April 30.

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