The festival is a series of International Oriental Music Concerts and Conferences introducing a global musical space bringing East and West in an artistic dialogue. We plan this events to take place every year with different topic related to the Maqam world. This pioneer event highlights the role of Syria as one of the lands that always embraced and connected the civilizations of the Orient, and comes as a response to the need of preserving its intangible heritage in the age of a rampant globalization and currently civil war. In this context, the artistic vision of Oriental Landscapes carries a reflection on the history of oriental music and searches for a common ground for the future of the shared musical heritage of the oriental world. In its first edition, Oriental Landscapes travels through time in origins, interactions and innovation in maqam, the main building block of oriental music. The artistic program of Oriental Landscapes chose to reach its target by a selection of conferences, concerts and workshops with scholars, international artists, and lecturers. The conferences study the history, the origins and the different forms of maqam from ancient Syria and Iraq and their neighbour countries as a common musical ground, to its interaction with the Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Indian, and other oriental music heritages, as an attempt to determine the elements and the story of Syria musical identity.

Last but not least, our main goal is to make this unique platform of eastern music an opportunity for the exchange of information and ideas among specialists in this field, giving the audience the chance to communicate with this rich heritage and its different types of music which were born from the cross-cultivation of different cultural environments on the same land. Our focus is to reach all people to get involved and not only specialists in the field of musicology. We are planning a media campaign based on the idea that there will be many introductory lectures that can be accessible to anyone who is interested to delve into Oriental culture and history.

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is a project aiming at making Syrian music alive in the media through a professional website and an online social media network that can reach wide international audiences and professional music makers.


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